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Before You Arrived

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About the Book "Before You Arrived"

Before You Arrived , a beautiful story of an expectant mother's thoughts as she awaits the arrival of her unborn child, is the first children's book written by Adrienne Lance Lucas. The book is fun, beautifully illustrated and written from the heart. Inspired by her then five year old son's curiosity to know what it was like in his mommy's tummy, Adrienne communicates a touching message in which all parents; future, new and old can relate. Before You Arrived is a gift not only to my son, but to other children who long to know that they were loved, cared for and prayed for long before they were ever born, says Lance Lucas.

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Before You Arrived is a book for every family who enjoys telling the stories of their family's history. Written with the warmth of a mother and brightly illustrated to captivate even the youngest of readers, Before You Arrived has a place in every nursery. Share your heritage and legacy by ordering your copy of Before You Arrived today.

Before You Arrived is available in paper back versions in English as well as Spanish. $15.99


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